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● Belt dryer is widely-used continuous drying equipment, which is consisted of feeding device, one or several drying chambers. Raw material is spread on belt conveyor and hot air will pass through the raw materials from up to lower or bottom-up. In this way the raw material can be dried uniformly. Each chamber is equipped with main chamber, drive system, heating system, hot air recycle fan, and dehumidifying system. According to abundant experiences and new technology, we improved the traditional belt dryer to meet the GMP standard and meet the requirements of different raw materials.


● The hot air goes through the material from up to lower or bottom-up, with high speed, high pressure and even distribution, the contacting area between the material and hot air is enlarged, and the drying speed gets improved. The heat source is gas indirect furnace. The hot air box is below the recycle fan. There are hot air distributing pipe outside the chamber, so that the hot air can sprayed evenly from the retaining plate, the advantages of this structure are: The drying temp is easy to be controlled, which is significant for various material drying process; The hot air is sprayed through retaining plate, which made the temperature evenly and can avoid partial high temperature No maintenance for hot air box, the hot air box is inner set and outside preservation, which can minimize heat loss There are air filter for the exhaust fan, frequently cleaning can avoid miscellany and pollution. The dehumidifying fan is above the feeding device, which is used for discharging the used high-moisture and low-temp air. The hot air is recycling from discharging section to feeding section, so as to save energy effectively. The whole equipment is full weld to avoid wind channeling. There is no leaking during cleaning, which can ensure the quality of final product. Fully-closed model is available, to make sure that the product will not be polluted and heat is high efficient. The access door makes the maintain and cleaning work convenient The DW is a energy-saving belt dryer. The air distribution is more even, hot air speed is higher, penetrating is effective, drying is more strength. This system is inner recycle type; primary selection is DW3-2-25, including 12 drying units, for each section, there is thermal resistance automatic control independent and with digital show. All key components are provided by famous manufacturer, which can ensure long-term operation of the equipment. The belt speed can be electromagnetic adjusted, and the adjust range is large, besides, the speed can be directly displayed on the control cabinet screen, so that the final moisture can be controlled effectively. Primary and Middle Filter can ensure the clean air inlet All recycle fans are centrifugal, which are low consumption, high pressure and high penetration rate.

Qurilma parametrlari
Mainframe System
ramka60 × 80uglerod po'lat1set
mainframeDW3-1.5×25SUS304 belt1set
Izolyatsiya qalinligi60mmShisha jun1set
Dehumidify fan4-72-6A4.0kWCS12pc
Sirkulyant fan4-72-5A2.2kWCS5pc
Reduction gears of belt0.75 kVto'rnatish2pc
Uzatma mil
45 #6pc
Belt chain wheelZ=10,P=76.245 #12pc
Aloqa zanjiriP = 76.2uglerod po'lat300m
Tasma8 mashSUS304157m
Hujumchi plitasiH100mm, δ1.2SUS3043950
Belt stay barOut 23, in15Zinc coat990
Belt, chain, wheeluglerod po'latZinc coat3 majmui
mounted bearingsUCK210o'rnatish12set
Gate lock door hinge
o'rnatishButun to'plam
Yopish chizig'iESilikon kauchuk
thermal resistancePt100o'rnatish18set
Belt tighten device
uglerod po'lat6set
Dehumidify duct
Zinc coat5set
Inlet air duct
Zinc coat1 majmui
Isitish tizimi
1 majmui
Gas fuel furnace100×104kcal/hInside SUS3041 majmui
Havo puflagich4-72-8C-30kW

nazorat tizimi
Boshqarish shkafitugma
1 majmui
Electrical element

1 majmui



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